You are warmly welcome to Ylä-Tuuhonen Farm

"Thank you a lot for the warm hospitality, delicious breakfast and hot sauna! You have a miraculous place!"

Dima and Karolina

"Thank you a lot for the warm hospitality, delicious breakfast and hot sauna!
You have a
miraculous place!"

Dima and Karolina

We invite you to relax at Ylä-Tuuhonen Farm in the picturesque countryside scenery of Tuuhoskylä village in Ruovesi, Finland. Our almost 400-year-old ancestral home is surrounded by Lake Tarjanne, lush spruce forests and rich fields. At our farm, we provide accommodation, sauna, and food experiences for those looking to enjoy the peace and quiet of the countryside and leisurely moments of rest.

Stay in a rustic storehouse cabin or a guesthouse chamber renovated with care and love. Wake up to enjoy a delicious country breakfast, find all the traditional delicacies from the dinner table and relax in the gentle heat of a lakeside sauna. Take a deep breath under the clear starry sky and let your shoulders drop.

Our online booking is not yet operational. Send us a booking enquiry by emailing or by calling
+358 50 553 4264.

The daughter of the farm, Maire, will answer the questions in the chat at the bottom of the page and if she is not present, you can send us an enquiry via the chat bubble form.  

Irma, Esko and Maire

Stay at a farm

Our traditional accommodation provides a unique atmosphere that guarantees you a restful night’s sleep. Stay in a storehouse cabin made of logs, a charming chamber in the guesthouse or book your stay in our old granary, Makasiini. A true, idyllic countryside experience awaits!

Enjoy homecooked food

Our scrumptious country breakfast includes organic oatmeal from the farm’s own grain and rolls baked by the lady of the house. The scents of traditional and tasty homecooked classics waft from our dinner table. We can also customise our menu according to your dietary restrictions. The farm’s buffet table is set, come and enjoy!

Kori, jossa tuoreita itsetehtyjä sämpylöitä

Relax in the sauna

In the summertime, you can relax in our lakeside saunas by the glistening Lake Tarjanne. In the winter, we heat up the sauna in the Saunatupa building in our courtyard. The wood for heating our saunas comes from the farm’s own forest. Let go of stress and rush in the lingering heat of our traditional smoke sauna!

Visit the surrounding area

Borrow the farm’s rowing boat and fall in love with the lakeside scenery of northern Pirkanmaa. Hike in Helvetinjärvi National Park and soak in the impressive scenery with its steep gorges. Experience a wide variety of nature, culture, arts, and music. When you are planning your holiday in northern Pirkanmaa, please turn to us for tips and recommendations!

Sininen järvi ja laituri

"Loistava majapaikka, kaikki toimi erinomaisesti. Kaunis piha ja idylliset ja tunnelmalliset huoneet. Kiitos hyvästä palvelusta. Tulemme toistekin – täälläpäin paljon mielenkiintoisia kulttuuri- ja luontokohteita."

Leena ja Gordon


Experience country life in northern Pirkanmaa

In addition to accommodation, food, and sauna services, we organise small-scale meetings and events upon request. In the summer, you can admire our adorable flock of sheep that takes care of our farm’s traditional biotope and landscape management areas right by the courtyard. Even today, the farm actively engages in organic farming and forestry.