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Irma ja EskoIrma ja Esko

Irma and Esko Ylä-Tuuhonen 
Tanhuantie 105
34600 Ruovesi, FINLAND
+358 50 553 4264


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Pretty cabin with a double bed and old rocking chair for two persons.The cabin is approximately 18,5 m². Kitchen, toilets and showers can be found in Saunatupa, which is approximately 60 meters from the cabin. 


 Send a booking inquiry or call +358 50 553 4264.



1st night:
55 € / person 
75 € / 2 persons

2nd night and after / night:
45 € / person 
60 € / 2 persons


Our rates include sheets and towels.
In addition, if you wish to stay for two nights, a sauna is at your service for one hour, which is included in the price.