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Irma ja EskoIrma ja Esko

Irma and Esko Ylä-Tuuhonen 
Tanhuantie 105
34600 Ruovesi, FINLAND
+358 50 553 4264


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Ylä-Tuuhonen Farm on a map

Our farm is located 18 km from Ruovesi centre, 35 km from Mänttä and Virrat and 95 km from Tampere.


By clicking on the Ylä-Tuhonen farm address, you can access Google Maps service:

Tanhuantie 105
34600 Ruovesi, FINLAND 


Driving instructions:

As you drive from the south (road number 66) you need to drive 8 km by Ruovesi central to Virrat. Turn right to HAAPAMÄKI (road number 3481) and drive 9 km. You will pass by Syvinkisalmi where during the 1990's has been still a working cable ferry. Turn left to TANHUANTIE after a steep hill and drive 1 km. Our farm is the 2nd on the road and there is a sing with YLÄ-TUUHONEN at the turn (house number 105).

We live in a neighborhood where there is no public transportation. The nearest bus station is in Ruovesi centre (18 km) and train stations in Vilppula (25 km) or Haapamäki (30 km). We can pick you up from/drop you off if needed. Please discuss with us in advance if you need a lift. We will charge a small fee for the service. We can transport up to 4 people. However, we are unable to transport young children, as by law a child less than 135 cm tall needs a car seat when travelling in a car, a van or a lorry. For a larger group, we advise you to inquire about the ride from local transportation services companies:

Taxi Jarmo Järvinen 0400 732 082

Taxi Teemu Mattila 050 557 6597

Bussi-Manninen 03 486 4700 / 03 486 4701


You can also arrive on our farm by bicycle, for example, along the Näsi Lake Trails. Cycling can also be connected by car, bus, train or ship. From 9th June to 14th August 2021, the historic steamer S/S Tarjanne operates on the Tampere-Ruovesi-Virrat route. The whistling of the steamer can be heard at the farmyard and the ship can also be seen on its route from the shore.