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Irma ja EskoIrma ja Esko

Irma and Esko Ylä-Tuuhonen 
Tanhuantie 105
34600 Ruovesi, FINLAND
+358 50 553 4264


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Breakfast and dinner

We appreciate fresh products, well prepared home food and quality. We make a various traditional and modern tastes of Finnish cuisine. In addition, most of the products are locally grown so we can be sure about the quality and also support local farmers.

Our breakfast specials are made from our own grains. These grains are used in our bread and porridge. We also serve juice and kissel, which have been prepared from our own berries or fruits.


Prices per person:

Breakfast            10 € 
Dinner                 22 € 

Standard discounts for children apply. 


If you have any special dietary requirements or allergies, please let us know in advance.

Dining needs to be ordered in advance. Breakfast time is agreed on a case-by-case basis and dinner is served about at 6 pm. During the summertime we will ring the traditional dinner bell when dinner is ready.


We also offer dining for small private parties at our facilities. We will design a package to your requirements so contact us to discuss your event wishes and menus together. We recommend the traditional Finnish cuisine that is our specialty. The menus traditionally include fish, stews and desserts.