Country life in northern Pirkanmaa

Surrounded by the glistening Lake Tarjanne, lush spruce forests and rich fields in Ruovesi is Ylä-Tuuhonen Farm – our ancestral farm. Over the centuries, Ylä-Tuuhonen Farm has witnessed many masters and changes in the surrounding society. New ideas have been created and old buildings renovated at the farm over the years.

Eetu ja Emilia

3 horses
17 cows
a bull
5 pigs
12 sheep
500 chickens

The heirs of
Tarmo Ylä-Tuuhonen

a horse
9 cows
4 younglings
a tractor
a thresher
a cupboard grain drier
a mill for domestic use

Esko ja Irma

280 pigs
summer sheep
6 turkeys
12 chickens
2 cats and dogs
2 tractors and a drier

Some fundamentals have remained the same – we still practice organic farming and forestry. In addition to traditional farm work, we provide genuine and idyllic farm B&B accommodation with an experienced and hospitable approach.

We warmly welcome you to our farm in northern Pirkanmaa!

Ylä-Tuuhonen Farm’s staff

The deeds of Ylä-Tuuhonen farm can be traced all the way back to 1568. The current master of the farm, Esko, is the farm’s 19th master, and his family has owned the farm since at least 1625.

The current owner took over the farm in 1973. The same year, he married Irma who he had found swirling in a dance pavilion. The same lakeside dance pavilion still organises dances every summer Saturday, allowing people to fall in love with the rhythm – and maybe each other.

Tourism operations started in the 1980s when the family first opened their doors to guests. In 2021, Ylä-Tuuhonen Farm is still a family-run business, and the family still lives in the farm’s main house. Primarily organic oats and rye are cultivated on the farm’s fields, in addition to which green fertilisation fields are in rotation. You can have a taste of the farm’s own organic oats in the country breakfast’s oatmeal.

The master of the farm, Esko, is most often working in the fields or forests or heating up the farm’s lakeside saunas. Irma, on the other hand, likes to spend time in the kitchen or the farm’s garden. Daughter Maire is responsible for the farm’s operations together with the farmer couple.

Farm animals


The Finnish Lapphund Käpy arrived at our farm in January 2022. Käpy is a one and a half year old girl who is still training her manners and various skills. She is sleeping for most of the day, but when she is awake she is happy to get to know different things as well as new people. However, remember that you should get to know with Käpy in peace and together with the people of the farm.


Our farm has thirteen sheep and they maintain the traditional biotope and landscape management areas located in the vicinity of the courtyard. Grazing helps us maintain biodiversity to preserve the wide range of different plant and insect species in the fields and meadows. In the winter, the flock spends time in the shed but, in the summer, they can be seen in their pasture.


Three cats also live on the farm. In the summer, our mousers Kaino, Lylle and Mustasormi like to spend time outdoors on their long hunting trips but if you keep your eyes peeled, you might see them lurking about in the courtyard’s bushes. The cats sometimes pay a visit to the courtyard even though they are shy towards people they don’t know. In the winter, the kitties enjoy the warmth of the main house.

Our values

We want to create a warm and friendly atmosphere at the farm. For us, it means taking others into consideration, having an interest towards other people and actions for the wellbeing of our guests.

We provide accommodation services in the sparsely populated countryside and practice organic farming and sustainable forestry. The forests of our farm are FSC certified, and our farm is a member of ECEAT (European Centre for Ecological and Agricultural Tourism) Finland. We take the surrounding nature into account by saving energy, recycling waste, heating the farm with woodchips from our own forest and by utilising natural materials in construction.

Everyone is welcome at the farm – we treat our guests like we would like ourselves to be treated. The doors of our farm are open for everyone looking for peaceful moments regardless of age, gender, status, or origin.