Liha-aitta is located at the end of the Aittarivi, in the farm’s courtyard. The storehouse cabin has twin beds that can be separated, if you so wish. A dinner table with chairs is located on the ground floor, and an old Ericsson telephone hangs on the wall – but the village’s telephone exchange probably won’t pick up, no matter how long you let it ring. At the top of the stairs, the mezzanine has plush mattresses for three guests and room for an additional mattress, if needed.
You have a farmhouse kitchen, a bathroom and shower at your disposal in Saunatupa, 60 metres away.

Ystävämme suosittelivat, eikä turhaan! Suuret kiitokset, kaksi yötä ja päivää tuntuu paljon pidemmältä "irtiotolta" kesäloman päätteeksi.

Leena, Marko ja Ainu