Activities at the farm and in the surrounding areas

Borrow the farm’s rowing boat and fall in love with the lakeside scenery of Northern Pirkanmaa. Hike in Helvetinjärvi National Park and soak in the impressive scenery with its steep gorges. Enjoy the nature in Pirkanmaa’s largest Swamp Nature Reserve, Siikaneva. Check out Vinha’s bookstore and participate in local events. Fall in love with versatile art in the Serlachius Museums, Mänttä Art Festival and other exhibitions. When planning your holiday in Northern Pirkanmaa, please turn to us for tips and recommendations!

On this page, we have out togeather activities, attractions, and experiences. Some take place near the farm, while others are located in nearby municipalities. Plan your holiday in advance or ask us for advice – you can also find the destinations on a map! Please notice that the map include more destination, such as restaurants and cafes, than the listing below. There are some tips also for bigger cities such as Tampere, Helsinki and Turku.

Activities at Ylä-Tuuhonen Farm

Our beach is located approximately 400 metres from the farm courtyard, and is available for your use for refreshing dips. We heat the lakeside saunas by agreement. Note that during the sauna times the shore is for access by sauna users only. 

If you want to get to know the stunning scenery of Lake Tarjanne, a rowing boat and a wide canoe from the shore are at your disposal. If you want to rent the rowing boat or canoe for the entire day, we charge a small extra fee. You can find life jackets in the woodshed close to the sandy beach.

In winter, when the weather is suitable, the farm has a some traditional kicksleds that you can use.


"This place is a gem, hidden between forest and lakes. The perfect place to enjoy the nature of the region. We enjoyed the cozy warmth of the rooms and the way you made us feel at home and welcome with a friendly smile and delicious honest food. This is what we needed!"


Kiitos ihanasta viikonlopusta, makoisista yöunista, rantasaunasta ja vaellusvinkeistä!

Eeva ja Teemu

Attractions and events in Ruovesi

Ruovesi Municipality | Ruovedentie 30, Ruovesi +358 3 486 111 

Ruovesi Tourist Information | Ruovedentie 5, Ruovesi +35844 787 1388 |

Ruovesi cultural tourism map in Finnish

Travelling in Ruovesi 2023 brochure in Finnish

Vinha Book Store | Ruovedentie 15, Ruovesi | Mon–Fri 10 am–6 pm, Sat–Sun 10 am–4 pm 

24th of Nov 2023 – 4th of Fab 2024 Esa Riippa’s exhibition: Eilisen jälkeen 

Vinha’s Christmas Market 16th of Dec

26th – 28th of Jul 2024 Vinha’s Book Festival  

Sofia Magdalena Church | Kirkkotie 1, Ruovesi | open in summer

Kulttuuriparantola art exhibitions and events | Päiväkodintie 6, Ruovesi | Tue–Fri 1 pm – 5pm

Viljamakasiini | Ruovedentie 5, Ruovesi | open in summer

Steam Boat S/S Tarjanne from Tampere via Ruovesi to Virrat operates during summer

Ruovesi Local Theatre | Pyynikkilä: Pappilankulmantie 88, Ruovesi | plays during summer

Ruovesi Local History MuseumMuseotie 1, Ruovesi | open in summer

Musiikkia Ruovesi chamber music festival in Ruovesi in summer

Noitakäräjät (the Witches’ Trial) Summer Festival in Ruovesi 1st – 7th of Jul 2024


Natural beauty in Ruovesi and the surrounding municipalities

Helvetinjärvi National Park and Helvetinkolu Gorge 

Kankimäki Helvetinkoluntie 775, Ruovesi  
4 km circular trail called “Helvetistä itään” to Helvetinkolu Gorge

Haukanhieta | Haukkamaantie 1714, Ruovesi 
11 km back and forth trail from Haukanhieta to Helvetinkolu Gorge

You can combine the trails (15 km) or walk from Helvetinkolu Gorge to Luoma (+8/11 km)

Siikaneva Swamp Nature Reserve circular trails of 2.5 and 10 km | Ollinkiventie 255, Ruovesi

Seitseminen National Park and Nature Centre, several trails | Seitsemisentie 110, Ylöjärvi 

Ryövärinkuoppa Nature Reserve | Siikakankaantie, Ruovesi (in finnish)

Juupajoki Gorge Nature Reserve | Koskitie 45, Korkeakoski

Toriseva Gorge lakes and nature trail, 6.5 km | Torisevajärvientie 513 / highway 66, Virrat

Isojärvi National Park Heretty | Kylämäntie 1335, Kuhmoinen where there is a summer café 

Museums, attractions, and events in surrounding municipalities

Serlachius museums, Mänttä-Vilppula 1st of Sep – 31st of May Tue–Sun 11 am – 6 pm | 1st of Jun – 31st of Aug Mon–Sun 10 am–6 pm

Gösta Museum: Joenniementie 47, Mänttä

Gustaf Museum: R. Erik Serlachiuksen katu 2, Mänttä closes due to renovation on 20th of Nov 2023 and will open again on 15th of June 2024

Mänttä Art Festival in Pekilo: Tehtaankatu 21, Mänttä 16th of Jun – 31st of Aug 2024 

Mänttä Music Festival 30th of Jul – 3rd of Aug 2024

Mänttä Organ Week 18th – 25th of Aug 2024

Kaunismäki Barn Theatre | Uittosalmentie, Vilppula

Kallenaution Kievari | Kallenautiontie 327, Juupajoki | open in summer

Walleniuksen Wapriikki Walleniuksenkatu 2, Juupajoki | open in summer

The Art Center Purnu | Mustasaari 63, 35100 Orivesi as. | open in summer

Killinkoski Old Factory Inkantie 60, Virrat Tue–Fri 10 am – 5 pm, Sat 10 am – 5 pm, Sun 12 noon – 4 pm

KesäVirratSoi Music Festival at Virrat in summer

Ähtäri Zoo zoo, giant panda house and a farm Karhunkierros 150, Ähtäri

Haapamäki Steam Locomotive Park | Asematie 37, Haapamäki | open in summer


Dance pavilions in the summer

Vehkakoski | Vehkalinnantie 30, Pohjaslahti | Forestry Fair on 5th of Aug 2023

Virtain hiekkaranta | Torppakyläntie 65, Virrat

Myllyniemi | Torppakyläntie 65, Virrat

Haapamäen höyryveturipuisto | Torppakyläntie 65, Virrat

Traditional dances during the winter time at Ruoveden UrheilutaloKauko-Pohjan nuorisoseurantalo and Visuveden nuorisoseurantalo as well as at Haapamäen Suoja and Hotel Keurusselkä.


Matkalla Mänttään tultiin yöpymään ja nauttimaan ihanasta tunnelmasta. Kiitos!

Kirjavaisen perhe

Riikan JoogaHetki yoga

You can participate in Riikka Lauttaanaho’s yin yoga classes Joogasali Alku in Mänttä or in Sointula in Ruovesi. In addition, Mänttä’s joogasali provides aerial yoga and park yoga in summer (location: Serlachius Museum Gösta). You can also book a private yoga lesson for yourself or a small group.

Riikka also offers Tibetan singing bowl therapy for private individuals and groups. She also rents inflatable SUP boards.

Joogasali Alku
Ratakatu 8, Mänttä (31 km)
tel. +358 (0)50 325 3075 |
reservation calendar
Riikan JoogaHetki is on Facebook and Instagram

Art in Metsämökki Ruovesi

Tiina Lamminen’s summer studio, Metsämökki (“The Forest Cottage”), is located in Tuuhoskylä village, only 3 km from Ylä-Tuuhonen Farm.

In summer, you can work in Tiina’s open studio by advance agreement or you can pop in to exchange ideas on art and painting. Tiina charges a fee for materials used and a workshop fee.

Tuuhoskyläntie 653, Ruovesi (3 km)
tel. +358 (0)50 364 6674 |
Metsämökki can be found on Instagram

Do you need help or tips?

Contact us or ask the staff at the farm – we’re happy to share with you our best tips for a perfect holiday!