How to find Ylä-Tuuhonen Farm

Contact details

Ylä-Tuuhonen Farm
Irma and Esko Ylä-Tuuhonen
Tanhuantie 105
34600 Ruovesi
tel. +358 (0)50 553 4264
Business ID: 1112043-8


Helsinki 255 km
Turku 245 km
Tampere 95 km
Jyväskylä 105 km
Ruovesi with the closest grocery shop 18 km
Helvetinjärvi National Park
          Kankimäki parking area 19 km
          Haukanhieta parking area 35 km
Serlachius Museums, Mänttä 31 km
Siikaneva Swamp Nature Reserve 39 km
Ähtäri Zoo 80 km

Arriving at the farm

Driving north on Finnish national road 66, you pass Ruovesi town, heading in the direction of Virrat. After approximately 8 km, turn right onto road 3481. The intersection has a sign saying “Haapamäki”, and you can see a sign for Ylä-Tuuhonen farm before the turn.

On the road leading to Haapamäki, you will cross the beautiful Syvinkisalmi Bridge, where a ferry used to operate until the early 1990s. At approximately 9 km from road 66, after a big hill, you will see a sign for our small country road, called Tanhuantie, on the left. Turn left onto Tanhuantie. Our farm is the second farm after the turn, approximately a kilometre from the turn. Our house number is 105.

You can arrive at our farm by electric car. At our farm, you can charge your electric car from a normal plug for €10/night. You can find the nearest charging points in Virrat (Neste Kitusen Kievari) and Mänttä (Serlachius Museum Gösta and S-Market). 

Ylä-Tuuhosen tilan punakeltainen päärakennus

Arriving by bike

You can get to our farm by bike, for example following the Näsijärvi trail. Please note that the last kilometre to the farm is a small gravel road. You can also combine car, bus, train, or boat journeys with cycling. The historical steamboat S/S Tarjanne operates in summer (5th June – 17th August 2024) on the route Tampere–Ruovesi–Virrat. From the farm you can hear the ship’s whistle when it comes to Syvinkisalmi, and if you look carefully, you might even see the ship from our beach.

Our farm has received the Tervetuloa pyöräilijä (“Welcome Cyclist”) nomination. Please take into account that meals at the farm must be booked in advance and that dinner is usually served around 6 pm.

Rides to and from a bus or train stop

There is no public transport to our farm. However,  you can get to Ruovesi town and the Haapamäki intersection on route 66 by bus and to Vilppula and Haapamäki train stations by train.

If necessary, we can pick you and your party up from the bus or train station for a fee. We can fit a maximum of four people into our car. Unfortunately, we cannot transport small children because by law, a child less than 135 cm in height requires a child seat when travelling as a passenger in a car, van, or lorry. Please be sure to agree on the ride with us before booking.

Contact local transport companies for a ride for a family with kids or a larger group:

Taxi service Jarmo Järvinen, Ruovesi, tel. +358 (0)400 732 082
Taxi service Teemu Mattila, Ruovesi, tel. +358 (0)50 557 6597
Bussi-Manninen bus service, Ruovesi, tel. +358 (0)3 486 4700 / +358 (0)3 486 4701

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