Indulge in pure and traditional flavours

Start your day with the farm’s delicious country breakfast or take a seat at our traditional dinner table – delicacies made by the farm staff are available upon order. Breakfast and dinner are served in the farm’s main house as buffet service. In the summer, we ring the farm’s old dinner bell, and its cheery chime invites you to enjoy a hearty meal.

At the dinner table, we make use of our own produce and ingredients from local producers and turn them into delicious, traditional dishes. Some of the ingredients we use are also organic.

Please book your breakfast and dinner in advance.
Also let us know of your allergies and dietary restrictions so that we can make sure to have treats for you to enjoy.

Ylä-Tuuhosen maatilan väki

Country breakfast

from 8 a.m. to 10 a.m., €12 per person

At the country breakfast, the table is laden with oatmeal cooked from the farm’s own organic oats, rolls baked by the lady of the house fresh from the oven and steaming hot cups of coffee and tea. The breakfast is complemented by a kissel made of garden and forest berries and the farm’s delicious homemade juice. Upon request, we will also serve yoghurt and cereal in addition to oatmeal.

Kaurapuuroannos marjakeitolla ja omenasoseella
Kori, jossa tuoreita itsetehtyjä sämpylöitä

Packed lunch from our breakfast buffet

€7 per person

You can make yourself a packed lunch for the day’s activities from our breakfast buffet – just fill your own Thermos bottle with coffee or tea and make a sandwich with your favourite toppings. Please let us know if you want to make yourself a packed lunch when booking so that we’ll know to prepare with plenty of food. In addition, we have a small selection of snack bars for sale, and we aim to take into account snack wishes provided to us in advance.

Farmhouse dinner

at 6 p.m., €25 per person - only by pre-order

Our dinner menu varies according to the availability of ingredients and season as well as dietary restrictions provided to us in advance. Our meals include fish, traditional meat dishes and warm vegetables, fresh salad, grated root vegetables and the farm’s own salad dressings. The dinner is finished off with a small, sweet dessert served with coffee or tea – enjoy your dinner!

Dinner is served on Mon–Wed 2nd–4th of October 2023. Please, pre-order your dinner and let us know your dietary restrictions. Do ask the possibility to eat at our farm if the date you wish to dine isn’t listed above.

Rosolli ja kermavaahto

"Thank you again for a brilliant stay - after 20 years - fantastic place, fantastic hospitality, food - yumyum..."

Donald and Riika


Meals and snacks for meetings and events according to your wishes

We make meals and snacks for events, parties or meetings, organised at the farm according to your wishes. We also organise lunches and coffee servings with snacks for groups. Let us know what you are looking for and we’ll plan the perfect solution together!