Relax in the gentle heat of the sauna

Enjoy the lingering heat of our sauna in the naturally beautiful lakeside scenery while taking in the colours of the setting sun. Experience the pleasant barrel sauna or the traditional log sauna – or feel the dim light, scent, and stillness of the traditional smoke sauna.

You can find the farm’s three lakeside saunas within 400 metres from the farm, on the shore of Lake Tarjanne. We heat the lakeside saunas as agreed upon, and the shore is only accessible to bathers during the sauna times.

Each lakeside sauna has its own jetty from where you can dip in the refreshing water. You can find a beach near the log sauna for the smallest members of the family.

When autumn is turning towards winter, the lakeside saunas close their doors and open again as summer approaches. In the wintertime, you can bathe in the sauna in our Saunatupa, located in the farm courtyard. All of our farm’s saunas are heated with wood from our own forest.

Two-day accommodation includes one hour of sauna in one of our appointed saunas – if you would like to experience a specific sauna, please let us know when booking your accommodation.

Log sauna, 5 people

summer sauna on the shore of Lake Tarjanne

On the log sauna’s porch, you can admire the colourful glow of the setting sun on the lake surface.

The log sauna has its own jetty from where you can go for a swim. This sauna is an excellent choice for families with kids because close to it is a pleasant sandy beach where children can enjoy playing and paddling in the water. The sauna’s outdoor porch serves as the dressing room, and a pump provides cold water for the sauna.


Barrel sauna, 3 people

summer sauna on the shore of Lake Tarjanne

Dip in for a swim, return to the heat of the barrel sauna and feel how the stress simply melts away.

The compact barrel sauna has a unique atmosphere and a separate dressing room at one end. The sauna is heated from the outside with a continuously heated stove, and it has its own jetty from where you can go for a swim. Cold water is carried to the sauna from the lake.

"Tusen tack för en fin upplevelse. Fint att få bada bastu, simma, sova gott i Kulmakamari och få en jättegod frukost."

Gunda och Tommy

Smoke sauna, 12 people

summer sauna on the shore of Lake Tarjanne

Smoke sauna is part of Finnish folk tradition. A genuine and exciting smoke sauna is an unforgettable experience. Heating the sauna takes several hours, which is why we only heat it upon advance request. You can book the smoke sauna for two hours, either with or without the sauna building’s main room.

Our smoke sauna’s porch has direct access to the sauna’s own jetty. In addition, the sauna has an indoor washing facility, a spacious hall, and an outhouse. In the main room, you can enjoy a cosy summer’s evening night even if the weather gets cold because a blaze in the fireplace will create a unique atmosphere but also emit gentle heat.


Ihan mielettömän kaunis paikka, maistuva ruoka ja mikä savusaunan tunnelma!



Saunatupa sauna, 6 people

used all year round in the farm’s courtyard

In the gentle heat of the Saunatupa sauna, you will forget the sub-zero temperatures outside and the hustle and bustle of your daily life.

Saunatupa is located in the farm’s courtyard. In addition to the sauna, Saunatupa has a dressing room and a washroom with two showers. The building also houses the shared facilities of Makasiini and the summer storehouse cabins. In the Saunatupa’s sauna, you can choose between a stove that heated continuously or a heat-storing Aito stove that is only heated once. The sauna can be used all year round, but it is heated only rarely in the summer.

Prices of sauna services

A continuously heated sauna for guests €20/hour
A continuously heated sauna for others than guests €25/hour

Saunatupa’s heat-storing sauna €70/2 hours

Smoke sauna €200/2 hours
Smoke sauna with the main room €220/2 hours
You can order additional hours for enjoying the smoke sauna. They are agreed upon on a case-by-case basis.