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Irma ja EskoIrma ja Esko

Irma and Esko Ylä-Tuuhonen 
Tanhuantie 105 
34600 Ruovesi, FINLAND 
+358 50 553 4264


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Our farm is located 18 km up north from Ruovesi centre.


Driving instructions:

As you drive from the south (road number 66) you need to drive 8 km by Ruovesi central to Virrat. Turn right to HAAPAMÄKI (road number 3481) and drive 9 km. You will pass by Syvinkisalmi where during the 1990´s has been still a working cable ferry. Turn left to TANHUANTIE after a steep hill and drive 1 km. Our farm is the 2nd on the road and there is a sing with YLÄ-TUUHONEN at the turn (house number 105).

Unfortunately we live on area where is not a working public transportation. The nearest bus station is in Ruovesi centre and 
train stations in Vilppula or Haapamäki. We can pick you up from/drop you off if needed. Please discuss with us in advance if you need a lift. We will charge a small fee for the service.