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Irma ja EskoIrma ja Esko

Irma and Esko Ylä-Tuuhonen 
Tanhuantie 105 
34600 Ruovesi, FINLAND 
+358 50 553 4264


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You may use our rowing boat and big Indian canoe for free. We will ask a small fee if you want to use the rowing boat for a whole day. You may find the life jackets inside the woodshed near the sand beach.

During the wintertime you may use also our traditional kick sledges for free.




We can also pick you up from/drop you off. The nearest public transport stations are:

  • The bus station in Ruovesi
  • The train station in Vilppula or Haapamäki.

Please discuss with us in advance if you need a lift. We will charge a small fee for the service.



You can schedule an appointment with the local masseur Erkka Lehmus, who can visit you at our farm. If you like to book a massage, you can contact Erkka by phone directly or we can do it for you.